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Since it's a bèta service might be down 0,01% of the time. We need some space to improve.

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You're a Reader

Read the little stories published by others, about their adventures and romantic moments with the Eiffel tower involved. By selecting one of the many languages and the user generated tags, you can narrow the subjects to your convenience. You can even search. Read the collection of one writer.

You can share the story if you like it, using the well known social media.

It is about little stories. You may find useful tips & advice here too. Perhaps writers make sequels... it's all possible.

How you become a Writer

If you feel inspired by a story, you my add your story as a relation. By making a relation, you reward the source writer.

You can also choose to start your own story. From blank, or by just reusing the tags from a story you've read. You can create, compete, follow... in 1,000 characters.

After you're done, you may use the famous social buttons to let your Facebook friends and Twitter followers know.

So, you're a Writer now

You have a few more options. For instance, you can upload a photo - Instagram or regular. And you can always delete your story by the link in the email. You're close to the Eiffel tower with your mobile device? No need to confirm your story, it will be published in a few minutes.

The stories are meant to be short. Feel free to relate to your own story.

Writers with many relations are champion writers. Perhaps you can once win a reward with it.

That's basically the whole idea. Telling the world your Leidseplein experience. It will result in beautiful moments. Again, it is about stories. But stories may be completed with photos.

Uploading pictures (Instagram too)

About uploading photos and artwork... Uploading on iOS mobile devices with Safari is impossible. For those people, we have created an easy bypass. In your email there is a link to upload the photo later. In fact, this link is available for everyone who prefers to upload later. Because a mobile connection can be instable or expensive. Or you want to upload your beautiful Instagram picture.

Don't you worry about your position on the list. Your story will be on top again.

> Invite your friends or > START TO WRITE

Thank you for joining! - Questions & Answers

You might have some questions

Who's the girl?

I met her on iStock and bought the picture. I don't know anything about her.

Why this Aren't Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare enough?

First of all, I've made for my own fun. But also for your fun.

Not everbody is on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. And not everybody likes those platforms. is totally free and does not require login. It works very easy. And when you are close by the Eiffel tower, you don't need to confirm your story.

Is safe?

I and my developers say yes. But we ask everyone: never put any personal data here.

Why do you need my email?

Your email address is used for the mails related to your story. For every story, the system sends a message with a link you can use to delete the story. If you didn't upload a photo yet, you receive a link to do that too.

We also keep your email related to your stories, so people can read all your stories easily.

Anyway: your email is never published on or used for any other purpose than mentioned on this page.

Why invite?

I try to get the thing going before is published. As soon as the site is ready, the invite function will be deprecated. After you're invited, your email address will be removed from our database.

Is there an app for this?

No, not yet. The main reason to build an app is for the image upload function. It takes time to build an app. I think it's better to see how people use it first. There are many good image platforms. focuses on stories, with pictures as an additional option. From the lessons we learn, we can create better apps from the start.

Also, apps take a lot of resources from the mobile devices. Browsers use less power. The app must show a relevant added value before we launch one.


If you see abuse, please report it. For that, we need your name and email address.

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